My First Entry

First of all I would like to start off with my favorite quote:

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

I believe the most courageous people in the world are the ones that live in chronic pain, but still get out of bed every day determined to live life to the fullest. This is how I live my life. As I am typing this, my eyes are filling with tears and my chest feels tight. Writing about my life and my struggles won’t be easy, but if I can help just one struggling person to go to bed and say “I will try again tomorrow”, it will be worth it.

I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease when I was 17, had my first failed back surgery at 18 and my second at 19. I have tried every treatment, injection, drug and therapy there is, but nothing seems to get rid of all of the pain. When I was 22, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This disorder causes pain, chronic fatigue and depression. On top of these disorders, I am also struggling with infertility. I just started treament for this and it has been making me quite ill also. All of this to say, I don’t live the “normal” 26 year old’s life. Aspects are extremely normal – I am married, I own a house that I enjoy making a comfortable home, I have a family I love and that loves me, but being chronically ill makes each of those things a bit harder for me than for most.

I don’t want your pity, but I would love your prayers! Everyday, I have to wake up and ask the Lord to help me through my day. I really NEED Him to get me through my day. Sometimes the pain (physical and emotional) are too much to bear. Christ’s love and comfort propel me into each new moment of my day. I may be in pain, but I am so incredibly blessed!  I love my life, my husband , my cat Snickers and my family. I am excited to share my some bits of my life with you. I know your struggles aren’t the same as mine, but I know you have your own- real, hard and discouraging! I hope to encourage you and point you to the Cross. Christ’s love and hope is just what we need to get through this life. So let’s start this journey!


One thought on “My First Entry

  1. Sweet Stacy,

    You are so beautiful, both inside and out. God see’s the good, bad, and ugly that we all have. Each of us get a good, and much deserving spititual scrub from the Lord each day!! He washes away all of our bad, ugly, hurtful words that come out of our mouth, cold shoulders we give to strangers, or even worse cold shoulders we give to our fellow believers, (husbands included) we are a roughed up, dirty, muddy, selfish, messed up sinners. I would like to stand in the front of the line….and be the first one to get a good spiritual scrub!!! And I love how He washes me clean, refreshes me, and hugs me after my scrub…to send me on my way to enourage, love, forgive others…. and myself!! Your blog is honest, tender, and hearftelt. Your verse for today was perfect, for me too!! You are beautiful!! Thank you for your BIG heart!!! I will be back in line tomorrow for another spiritual scrub…..maybe I’ll know someone in the line behind me!!! Hang in there! I love you-jen

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