What an afternoon!

Well, I had to go to the dentist – again! This time I went to a new dentist. Turns out the last dentist I had messed up a few teeth. I now need crown lengthening (gum surgery) in two places and two new crowns. Grand total: about $2,000. After crying for a while (I’m sure they all thought I was crazy!) I was very upset and called Mike to come down to the dentist so we could figure out what we should do. I showed him the price list (on a very fancy computer screen attached to the chair!) and he asked, “What if you get pregnant?”. With all the stress and anxiety, I had forgetten we were trying to have a baby! Silly me!

After telling the dentist my story about infertility treaments and try to get pregnant, she told me that I would not be able to have the surgeries if I were pregnant, and that she had gone through infertility treaments so she knows how emotion and stressful that can be. She had IVF and had twins 22 months ago! She was super sweet and understanding. She recommended putting off most of the work until after I have a baby.

 SO, new plan! A little work on one tooth and a fantasic teeth cleaning (see SMILE above) later, I paid only $20, and  received lots of well-wishes for a speedy pregnancy from the staff. My very stressful denitst appointment ended rather well….and not only that….When I got into my car, these were waiting for me!

Mike had left the dentist and went to Sam’s Club to buy them for me. When I got home and told him that he was the best husband ever, he said he knew I had a hard day. What a guy! What an afternoon!


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