Carousel Horses and Christophanies

I had the craziest dream this morning!

In my dream, Mike’s parents bought a carousel with all of the horses attached. They decided to give the horses to friends and family. Mike and I were able to pick the horse that we wanted….on one condition. We would have to move into Mike’s parent’s new house. Lauree (Mike’s mom) explained that our room would have a washer and dryer in it – well, obviously that was  enough to convince us and we chose a horse with a plain saddle. The rest of the horses had very ornate decorations, but my plan was to cover the plain saddle in wall paper to match our new bedding.

Also, for moving into Pete and Lauree’s new house, we were given a new black Toyota Camry. I am not sure how I came to this conclusion,whether someone told me or if I figured it out, but I just KNEW if I drove the new car down the winding road that led to the frozen yogurt shop, JESUS WOULD APPEAR! I tried a few times, but I must not have gotten it just right because  Jesus did not appear to me. I came home upset and Mike asked why I was acting so weird. He said that Shawn said I was acting weird, too.  In my dream, Mike’s best friend was Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World. I told him about wanting to see Jesus. And then I woke up. The End.


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