Modest Fashionista??

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner and as the days get hotter, the clothes get smaller and tighter. How can we as Christian women balance looking cute in the summer with being modest as the Lord calls us to be??  Here is my list of  summer essentials for Christian women.

1. Summer dresses – I love floral and solid dresses in the summer. I am not big on wearing shorts, so dresses are a good option for me. I have found really great dresses at Old Navy and Target. I am only 5’2″ so I don’t usually have a problem with dresses being too short, but if you are taller and the “short” dresses are too short on you, the Maxi dress is really hot right now! One thing you have to look out for with any style is the neckline! Most dresses I have found have a V-Neckline, most of them are deep V’s. This brings me to my next Summer essential!



 2. Cami’s – I probably have 20 different cami’s. I try to have one in every color under the rainbow! There are a few option when it comes to cami’s. I really like the solid ones- very plain, and my sister really likes the ones with lace – a little more interesting. Sometimes the necklines are even low on the cami’s so you have to try them on and lean over in the dressing room to make sure no cleavage is showing. Most cami’s have a built in shelf bra and adjustable straps. As soon as I get home, I cut out the bra. The bra tends to give me more cleavage and since that’s definitely not the look I am going for, the bra has got to go! When the bra is gone, the straps can be adjusted to bring the neck line up a little higher; if you leave the bra in and tighten the straps, you just get more cleavage, not more coverage.  I get most of my cami’s at Kohl’s in the Jr.’s Department. They are no more that $10 and usually on sale for $6 or $7. For that price, stock up on every color!  These are great to wear under dresses and any V-neck tops in the summer.


3. Sleeveless Tops – These are great because you get that summery feeling without the spaghetti straps. Hanging out at home on the weekend, I don’t usually mind spaghetti straps, but out in public, I like a little more coverage. Here are a couple I thought were really cute!



4. Summer Skirts – I love wearing skirts in the summer. As I said before, I don’t wear shorts that often, so skirts are a great alternative. Skirts make you feel more feminine and pretty. If you have full hips, try to find a skirt that skims the hips but that doesn’t poof out too much! A-line skirts are my absolute favorite style. The most flattering length of skirt is right above or right below the knee. I wear both, but I mostly right above the knee. Because I am short, some skirts hit me mid-calf and I automatically look shorter. If you have some height, mid-calf or even ankle length will work for you.


4. Shorts – Ok, so like I said before, I don’t really wear shorts. I have chubby legs and cellulite and it’s just not a pretty picture! When I do wear shorts I wear the knee-length ones or capris. I know that the last few summer season, long shorts have really been popular. A couple of years ago, I remember seeing that long shorts were “in” and I thought, “Praise the Lord! Shorts for normal women!!!” Two of my favorite pairs of shorts came from Target. They were less than $20 and they fit really well. My favorite capris are from Kohl’s. A word of advice, if you are going to wear long shorts, make sure you buy them from the women’s department and not the men’s. The will fit your curves and you won’t look masculine in them. Because the long shorts can look a bit masculine, pair them with a floaty, floral top – instant femininity!



5. Bathing Suit – ok, so here is the trickiest one of the bunch! Every girl needs something to swim in or to lay out in (make sure you apply the sun screen!!). Most bathing suits are really skimpy, but in the past few years, they have come out with some good alternative styles. The tankini is popular and boyshorts are a good option. This year I am looking for a one piece that doesn’t look like something my great-aunt would wear. Marshalls has some really cute suits for about $20. The ones I saw retail for $60 -$80 – now that’s a great deal!  Below are some suits I really liked.




6. “Sun-kissed” Skin – We all know the dangers of too much sun exposure, but we all want to have that summer glow. So, what’s a girl to do? Fake it! I have tried so many sunless tanners, most smell awful or leave your streaky and orange. I have found two products that work well. The first is Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. As the name implies, you apply the lotion daily, and it gradually give you a tan. The smell bothers me a little, but I have friends that don’t mind it at all. The second moisturizer is Avon’s Skin so Soft Satin Glow Body Moisturizer. I use it 3-4 times a week and it has given me a nice gradual tan. The smell is nice and the lotion has a little shimmer in it.


 7. Accessories – Ok, I have to admit, I am accessories challenged. I am lucky if I get my watch and wedding rings on in the morning. My sister, on the other hand, is an expert. She always looks great! I have to admit accessories really finish off an outfit so this summer I am going to try and accesorize more. Here are some cute pieces!


 So, there you go! These are all the things I think are essential for a modest, super cute woman of the Lord needs for the Summer. Being modest can be a challenge not only because we live in a world where all the clothes seem mini, but also because of our flesh. We know our bodies and how we present them can have a huge power over men, and it is a temptation to try to get attention through what we wear, but let’s dress in such a way that people remember our smile and our Just-been-with-Jesus glow!




5 thoughts on “Modest Fashionista??

  1. I love this, Stacy! Excellent that you included the pictures.(How did you do that, btw?) Looks like the way I do my summer, especially the tankini or modest one-piece bathing suits!!


  2. I enjoyed this article very much! So informative and well-written. I love the dresses!
    Thank you,

  3. Sister, I love, love, love this article! You touched on so many good points. And you even complimented me! lol Thanks sister. I’m going to share this with Chels, Im sure she is gonna love it to!

  4. You are so cute! I love this! Thanks for the great tips too! I would love to find those adorable bathing suits. That one really is the hardest -cute, modest and at a good price! Thank you!

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