“But Honey, It Was on Sale!!!”

I love to shop. I budget a small amount of money each month for me to clothes shop. But…some days I require a little retail therapy. Today was one of those days. My sister and mom grabbed my wheel chair, loaded it into mom’s car, and we were off!! I am always on the lookout for a sale (or better yet, CLEARANCE!). I won’t buy clothes full price – I can always tell Mike, “But Honey, it was on sale!” He always understands. Today I asked him if he was ok with me buying some clothes (of course this was after the fact, while I was modeling my new digs!) and he said, “If someday we can’t pay the house payment, I will blame it on this shopping trip.” 🙂 Oh, how I love him!

Below are pictures of the clothes I bought today, along with 2 dresses, a pair of jeans and some gray slacks I picked up a few months ago. They were great deals so I decided to include them – and I needed them to finish off some looks with the new clothes I bought today. I have included the brand name, where I purchased the items, original price, price I paid and if there were any extra discounts. Enjoy!

Outfit #1 –

Julie’s Closet Tank Top with gold embellishments (Marshalls)  and Gap Straight Leg dark wash Jeans (Gap outlet in Primm, NV)

Outfit #2 –

Old Navy Floral Dress and Old Navy Tank Top (Old Navy)

Outfit #3

Sonoma Bathing Suit Tankini Top and Apt.9 Bathing Suit “Hip Hider” Bottoms (Kohl’s) These were both on sale and then Kohl’s was having a “No Sales Tax” sale, plus my mom had a 30% off coupon!!!!!


Outfit #4

Old Navy Cardigan (Old Navy) and Daisy Fuentes Dress Pants (Kohl’s)


Outfit #5

Ginger G. Tunic (Marshalls) and Vera Wang Leggings (Kohl’s) The leggings were part of the “No Sales Tax” sale and Mom’s 30% off coupon! Don’t worry, I WILL be wearing a black cami under that tunic!


Outfit #6

Old Navy Floral Dress (Old Navy) and Sweet and Sinful Vest (Marshalls) – I totally didn’t read the brand until I got home! LOL

Original Prices Total: $349.50

Prices I Paid Total: $165.45

That’s a total savings of  $184.05!!!!!!!!

I had so much fun sharing my deals with you! You also get a peek at my personal style. Keep looking for those Clearance racks and HAPPY SHOPPING!


3 thoughts on ““But Honey, It Was on Sale!!!”

  1. Those are some amazing deals!!!!! I can’t believe the Gap jeans were only $15! You looked adorable last night…can’t wait to see you in all your new outfits. Love you.

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