Unrealized Provision

Below is a little something my husband wrote today. I thought it was really good and decided to share.
I believe the entitlement mentality of American culture today has left too many of us unmoved by the provision God has made for us through the cross. May we remember that no one deserves heaven and only through the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ have we escaped that which we all truly do deserve, eternal separation from God in hell. When I think on the sacrifice God made in giving His own Son so that all men may have a chance to be reconciled and be saved from the penalties they bring upon themselves, I am in awe. How could the creator of all things be moved to such compassion for sinners like us? How can we not live every moment in abundant thanksgiving and praise of God? May we meditate on this today and live for Christ, not because of fear of punishment, but instead out of the gratefulness of our hearts.

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