This Weekend

Well, this weekend was amazing! 

Mike was home. I weighed in at my Weight Watcher’s meeting and lost 2.6 pounds this week. Two of my besties came over to help me prep for my mom’s Birthday Brunch; we had such great fellowship. Mom’s Brunch went awesome! She looked happier than I have almost ever seen her. I cleaned out my car; and oh man, did it need it!! I went to church and since my pain was only at a 3 I wore heals and looked super cute in a new dress. Mike and I went to Claim Jumper for lunch to celebrate the semester of Seminary ending – and Mike getting all A’s! Came home with a terrible tummy ache. Ok, so that wasn’t great, but it made me relax and watch home decorating shows. Mike and I took a little trip to the bank to deposit our pay checks. This may not seem like such a wonderful thing, but spending ANY time with him, even going to the bank, is like Heaven for me. Came home and Mike helped me pick up the house.

I am so incredibly thankful to the Lord for this weekend! I never want to take for granted the little things that are easily overlooked, like time spent going to the bank with my hubby, or being able to wear cute shoes. My pain was so low this weekend, I almost felt normal. People at church even noticed a difference. Someone said I looked happier. Another told me he could see the relaxation in my face. Amazing.

This coming week, be on the look-out for those little blessings you may normally miss. Our God is faithful. He is in the business of miracles and healing. He loves us more than we could ever imagine.

I am praying for everyone who reads this. May God richly bless you as you seek HIM!

3 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. I’m so blessed as I read this, Stace. You bring home such a powerful point – how easily we take for granted the little things that are truly gifts from God. Yes, even running errands with a husband, planning a special event for a wonderful mom, and, goodness sake, being able to wear heels when you often can’t!!! I don’t want to miss one single moment of blessing the Lord has so richly bestowed on me this week – thanks for the great reminder that the Lord rains down the blessings, and how often we miss them, just because we’re busy, preoccupied and distracted!

    P.S. I’m praising Him for the wonderful, wonderful weekend He gave you, too! 🙂

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