Grandma Dolan

I started reading Genesis this week. I have read it before, but I am so interested in the stories that I want to read it again, paying attention to the details. Today, I was in Genesis 5. The first verse says, “This is the book of the geneology of Adam.” I thought, “Ah Man, I hate reading genealogies!” But then I remembered I was going to pay close attention to the details and read on. Chapter 5 lists from Adam to Noah and the amount of years that each person lived. As I read, I was fascinated by how long people lived.

  • Adam lived 930 years.
  • Seth lived 912 years.
  • Enosh lived 905 years
  • Cainan lived 910 years.
  • Mahalalel lived 895 years.
  • Jared lived 962 years.     …….and so on!

These people lived approximately 10 times as long as we do now. Then I started to wonder if these people accomplished everything they had wanted to in their incredibly long lives.

It also made me think of my great grandma, Grandma Dolan.

She passed away when she was 96, just short of 97. She passed away about 6 months before my wedding. I never thought she wouldn’t be there for that. I remember having to call the florist to tell her that we didn’t need as many corsages. What a sad day. I wore her pearl bracelet for my wedding.

 I wish I would have sat down and talked to her more when she was alive. She had great stories. I love the one about when during the Great Depression, they could not afford stockings, Grandma Dolan would rub foundation (face make-up) all over her legs! Grandma Dolan loved her coffee. I remember being at my grandma’s house (Grandma Dolan’s daughter, my Grandma Edmondson), and Grandma Dolan would ask me to re-heat her coffee….”Just 20 seconds,” she would say.  I felt like it took her all day to finish one cup, heated 20 seconds at a time! Sometimes she would call me Daisy; with as many grand children and great-grandchildren she had, it’s amazing she could remember any of our names most of the time! She had a set on her dresser with a hair brush, comb, and mirror that sat on a tray. I think my mom still has it. She always had pictures of us in little frames on her window sill, and a picture of Jesus above her bed. She slept with a velour blanket on her bed, and when ever I see one, it reminds me of her. She loved her clothes and shoes too. I wonder if Grandma Dolan accomplished everything she wanted to.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in life that we forget how short our time is on earth. Grandma Dolan lived for almost 97 years, that’s only about a 1oth of  how long Adam lived. Thinking about it that way, Grandma Dolan’s life was short. I wish I would have told her I loved her more. I really miss her some days. She was such a sweet woman. Both my brother and cousin have tattoos in honor of her.


 I still wear her bracelet and pearl necklace. I also have a scarf of hers that I think I will wear today.

Send someone a letter today letting them know how important they are to you. That will just take about 3 minutes! Send your parents or grandparents flowers; don’t wait until their funeral. Don’t have regrets about not getting to know the older people in your life because you were just too busy to get around to visiting them. If they don’t know Jesus, tell them about what He has done in your life. Love with abandon. Don’t have regrets when they pass away. Grandma Dolan loved the Lord, so I know she is in Heaven waiting for us. I can’t wait to hear her stories again.


2 thoughts on “Grandma Dolan

  1. As I read your blog today I could not stop the tears…..Grandma Dolan was such an important part of our lives and she had a joy about her that I miss so much……one of the greatest things was her laugh – especially when she was laughing about something SHE had just said that SHE thought was funny. You did such an awesome job writing about Grandma Dolan Stacy!

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