Soooooo Close!

I weighed in at my Weight Watcher’s Meeting on Saturday morning, and I am .6 lbs. away from my goal! I know I will reach it this week! I just HAVE to!

I am sure the chili relleno I had for lunch and the brownie I had for dinner are not helping the situation, but I had a bad day, pain-wise, so I just went for it. I already threw away the rest of the brownies and made a big pitcher of green tea, so I’m back on track.

I have to tell you how sweet my sister is! When I reach my goal, she is throwing me a Weight Loss Party! Naturally I want to share the spotlight with my awesome husband. Together we have lost over 155lbs! (Alright, I admit, he is down almost 120 and I am down 26, so he is the biggest loser!) But, I can tell you that my struggle to lose my weight has been just as hard as it has been for Mike.

One misconception people have is that people with less weight to lose have it easier; I don’t think that is true, especially for people with disabilities and chronic pain. We feel just as bad about ourselves, sometimes we don’t want to leave the house, either. People who are very heavy have more pounds to lose, but there are people like me who do everything they can to lose the weight and it seems to take forever to shed even one pound. It has taken me over 2 years to lose the 26 pounds. It has taken Mike about 4 years to lose his 120 pounds. On average I lose about 1 pound a month; if you take the 120 pounds in 4 years for Mike, on average he loses 2.5 pounds a month – more than double!

I could not be prouder of Mike, or myself for that matter. We have both worked extremely hard to make healthier choices, move more, and take better care of ourselves, not only for eachother and our future children, but for ourselves too. I can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family!


2 thoughts on “Soooooo Close!

  1. Way to go, I’m an over the road truck driver and being a part of any kind of weight loss program is nearly impossible when at any given time you could be more than 2000 miles away from your home town. I’m 48 and find myself 25 lbs over weight and have changed my diet dramatically. There is just X amount of stuff one can carry with them. I am now adding isometric exercises to my new diet. I hope it works.

  2. My comment is about 2 years late, but if you are still thinking of losing weight or striving for a leaner physique, check out the Primal/Paleo lifestyle! Start by reading the following books: 1)”The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson 2) “The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation” by Mark Sisson 3) “Make it Paleo” (cookbook). Also check out Mark Sisson’s blog: I’ve recently transitioned into the Paleo lifestyle and shedding and keeping off those last 10 pounds have been (dare I say it?) easy and enjoyable. And since this is a LIFESTYLE, it’s for life and I know I won’t binge eat or crash in the future [:

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