Time is Flying By!

I can’t believe it has been a whole month since I have written in my blog! The days seem to fly by when I am feeling well. And I have been feeling well much more than before. I started getting prenatal massages every two weeks and up until now (last night was torturous!) I have felt like my old (somewhat messed up) self. I forgot to turn the heater on last night and I think that is why I was in so much pain. I got up this morning and turned it on, heated up my rice bag, and made some hot chocolate. I am feeling much better but I’m afraid if I move too fast or turn a certain way, I will be in big trouble. I suppose having to be so aware of my movements is good – keeps me in constant communion with the Lord. I have always noticed I pray more when I’m in pain.

November was a really good month for my physically, but not so much mentally. I found myself worrying so much about things – family relationships, my cluttered house feeling like it was closing in on me, the baby…the list goes on and on. I spent a lot of time reading my Bible and praying and I also started to write down the projects that need to get finished before the baby comes. This seemed to help my anxiety a little, but even last night I was freaking out thinking “What if the baby is a boy??? I am not sure I could handle a circumcision!!!!” I am sure all you moms who have boys are laughing at me right now, but I gotta say I’m still a little freaked out this morning about it! LOL.

Mike asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I decided that I wanted projects to be done. There are so many things to do- furniture needs to be moved out of my office, soon to be nursery, and into various other rooms in our house. The piano needs to be moved back into Mike’s music room, the entertainment center needs to be moved to another wall, the book cases (now in my office) need to be moved to the living room wall that now has the entertainment center. My desk needs to be moved into our bedroom, the baby’s dresser/changing table needs to be painted, not to mention the nursery needs a new coat of pain! AHHHH!! Obviously none of these things can be actually done by me, so having all of it done as a Christmas present seems perfect. It’s all I really want. That, and to spend time with my incredible husband. Only 16 more days and he has Christmas Break. This is also the amount of days until we find out if Baby Levitsky is a boy or a girl!! I think I will take my sister’s advice and make a paper chain! You know, the ones that we made in school to count down until Christmas!! I think I will make it green and red and use it as garland and decorate with it!

My next post (hopefully not in a month!) will show some of the Christmasy things coming up- our decorated home,  the Ladies’ Christmas Dessert and maybe some pictures from my cousins’ Welcome-Home-from-Afghanistan  Party this Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Time is Flying By!

  1. Stacy, I so admire your courage in the face of constant pain, exacerbated by your pregnancy…I hope your little one will one day realize the sacrifices you made to bring them into this world! Praise the Lord for His enabling you to handle your pain, and your husband’s strenuous seminary schedule, with such grace!

  2. I totally freaked out about Ethan’s circumcision so you won’t hear any laughing from me!!
    p.s. I made a paper chain for my last 2 weeks of pregnancy/bed rest . . . Awesome idea!

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