2 of My Favorite Pregnancy Helps

Last week was a terrible week pain-wise and someone recommended the following product to me. I had heard of belly supports, but never one with a back support. My mom and sister loaded me into the wheelchair and took me to the Motherhood store in the Moreno Valley Mall. The saleslady was really helpful and knew exactly what I needed. This support wraps around my belly, then another piece wraps around my back and then the last piece goes above my belly. I have to admit it takes some getting used to, especially having to take it off and then put it on every time I use the bathroom, but with the relief I am getting, it is totally worth it! If you are pregnant and experiencing back pain, or if you belly is starting to feel really heavy, I recommend this product. It was $38.99 – a little spendy, but getting some relief is priceless!

My second favorite product that has been a huge help to me, not only during my pregnancy, but for about a year,  is what I call my Grabber. I think it may really be called a Gopher or something like that, but we call it my Grabber. Bending down to pick something up that I have dropped is close to impossible and doing so can cause me a terrible amount of pain. Without my Grabber, things would stay on the floor until Mike got home and picked up my trail of milk caps, socks, pens and other goodies! I paid $9.99 for it at Target. If you have a hard time picking things up, I would recommend this products to you for sure!


3 thoughts on “2 of My Favorite Pregnancy Helps

  1. I bet that back support does REALLY help! What a great idea!

    As for the grabber, I’m sure that thing is wonderful. I’m beginning to feel more pressure down low and picking items up off the floor can be very uncomfortable!

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