Today is my 28th birthday! And I am officially 28 weeks pregnant today too! So awesome!  My celebrations started on Friday. Mike came home from work with these-

And then took me to Mimi’s for dinner, where I had the turkey dinner and a petite chocolate mousse. If you like chocolate mousse and have not tried the one at Mimi’s, you should go there – right now – and order it! So yummy! (and only 131 calories!!!!).


Saturday, my mom threw my grandpa and I a joint birthday bbq. He turned 78 yesterday. We were born 50 years and 1 day apart. It was so fun to have family over and celebrate it with Grandpa. My mom made the most incredible chocolate chocolate chocolate cake! Her chocolate cake is honestly the BEST cake I have ever had. She made it for me last year too!

The two little pictures below our cakes are of the last time Grandpa and I celebrated our birthdays together. I think he was 55 and I was 5.


Today was spent celebrating my friend Brittany’s baby shower and my sister’s sister-in-law’s birthday. Mike had a long day of church and then class so I spent the whole day with Mom, Judd and Steph.

Here are a few pictures from today –



Now it’s time for me head to the couch to put my swollen feet and cankles up and read a magazine and wait for Mike to get home from school. Sounds like a perfect end to an amazing weekend! I might even have a few pieces of Dove dark chocolate. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

  1. looks like it was a fun birthday!! WHY is Steph out of bed though?? Your roses are so pretty!! I’m glad you had a nice birthday 🙂 xo

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