Pregnancy Update

I am now 28 weeks pregnant. Honestly, the time has flown by. I remember calling Mike at work telling him that I thought the pregnancy test I had been staring at for 5 minutes was positive. It seems like yesterday! It also seems so very long ago. My body has gone through some amazing changes. Looking at my first pregnancy picture at 4 weeks-

And now at 28 weeks –

I am blown away at the transformation my body has made thus far!

My back pain has been minimal and for that I’m praising God! With every week I cross off the calendar and I’m not stuck in bed, I am incredibly thankful. Even my doctor expected my pain to be much worse. If you look back at previous entries in my blog, you can see that the back pain did come on full force at times. For the last month or so though, I have been able to walk much more and do housework with out a problem. I still have to stop and rest more often than I think most people would, but I never imagined I would be able to keep up on the house like I have been. I know Mike is thankful too! ūüôā

Samuel’s nursery is almost finished. There are few things that still need to be done, but giving me a power drill would be a dangerous thing, so I have to leave those last things up to my wonderful (but extremely busy!) husband. I will post pictures as soon as it is finished. I will have to check with Mike’s schedule and homework load, but I’m hoping for sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Steph and I are having 2 joint baby showers this month. There were so many people who we wanted to celebrate with, and most of them were mutual friends and family, so 2 joint showers made the most sense. My mom is throwing us one next Saturday and we are more involved in the planning of this one than the other shower that my best friend and Steph’s mother-in-law and sisters-in-law are throwing for us the¬†Saturday¬†after. They have kept us in the dark about almost everything! I like being able to be so involved (I LOVE planning parties!) and also surprised too (No stress, just show up and party!).

I have been doing a lot of praying and reading in preparation for Samuel’s arrival. I have known most of my life that I was meant to be a mom, but now that it’s happening I feel overwhelmed and¬†panicked at times! I am relying on my mom to answer some questions for me, as well as some moms my age.¬†With¬†the Lord’s help and the support of family and friends, I know Samuel will grow up being loved and trained up the way he should go. I am amazed at how much the Bible speaks on how to raise children. I guess I never needed the information before, so I didn’t notice, but now I’m soaking it all up! I am excited for this new journey and I also can’t wait to share it with my sister. I am so blessed!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update

  1. Most people don’t realize the depth of knowledge and wisdom God gives for parents in the word. He also gave us His great example in so many ways. Love you girl! I’m rejoicing with you!

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