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Samuel’s First Month

I can’t believe that it has been a whole month since we brought our little man home from the hospital!

First let me give you a quick overview of my labor and delivery and hospital stay. I was induced at 4 am on Sunday, May 22, my water broke a few hours later while I was getting my epidural…fast forward 27 hours…. I got an infection,  I did not completely dilate, was very close to needing an emergency C-section,  had to push Samuel out at 9 cm, they had to use the vacuum to help things along, I had a 3rd degree tear, both Samuel and I had to have IV antibiotics for 48 hours, Samuel was jaundice and needed to be under the photo light for 12 hours (worst 12 hours of Mommy and Daddy’s lives!) and then we were able to go home on Wednesday, May 25. We had to go back and forth to the doctor  the rest of the week to test Samuel’s biliruben levels and get his weight checked. By Monday, May 30th, we were able to stay home and  rest and get used to the idea of our new life as a family of 3. Whew! Gotta say I am SO glad that is over!!

This month has completely flown by! I have been healing very slowly. For the first few weeks I was on pretty strong pain killers so details are a little foggy. That makes me sad, but I needed the pain medication so badly. Mike has been so awesome taking care of Samuel as I have been healing. Everyone who sees Mike with him says Mike is a natural. I wholeheartedly agree! When I watch Mike with Samuel my love for my husband just grows and grows!

Below are some pictures of Samuel’s first month. Enjoy!

Samuel's first day
Daddy and Samuel at the hospital
My poor baby under the photo light
One of our trips to the doctor's office
Mommy and Samuel
Grandma and Samuel - Snuggle Time!
Photo shoot with Kim Gustafson
Playtime with Kennedy and Callie - Samuel was not having it!
Snuggle time with Grandma Lauree
Wiggle Wiggle
Daddy with Samuel in his little Elvis pajamas 😉
bath time!
love his little serious face!