Monthly Archives: July 2011

Time Flies!!!

It has been a month since I last posted anything. I feel like I have so much to write about, but I am having a hard time collecting my thoughts and putting them into coherent sentences! I suppose it’s due to Mommy Brain.

Today Samuel is with his grandma Lauree because Mike had oral surgery this morning to take out his wisdom teeth. I’ve drugged Mike with his prescribed Vicodin so he should be asleep for a while. I thought I would write a little about this past month.

Samuel is growing up so fast! We went to the doctor yesterday for his 2 month appointment. He weighs 12 pounds, 6.5 ounces and is 23.25 inches long. He has great head control and is smiling and cooing like a champ! He unfortunately ahas excema and cradle cap pretty bad so the doctor prescribed a steroid cream we have to put on his dry spots and she wants us to start using head and shoulders shampoo to wash his hair. We are hoping it clears it up soon.

Samuel is sleeping really well now; usually about 5-6 hours, then he gets up and eats then goes back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. Unfortunately, he won’t fall asleep until about midnight. We are working on trying to get him sleepier earlier. We shall see!!

My favorite time with him is in the morning after he has slept really well and he’s all smiles. He and I get to hang out while daddy sleeps in (since I go to bed at 10pm and Mike stays up with him until he finally konks out). We sit and chat for a while then we have tummy time. Sometimes Samuel likes it, sometimes he hates it, but I still make him do it. The Doctor said he is doing great lifting his head while he is on his tummy, so it’s paying off!

Mike has been home all summer on vacation so it has been wonderful to have the time with him and Samuel. I love to watch them together. it just melts my heart! Mike is an amazing dad! Samuel and I are so blessed! Lauree has offered to watch Samuel every Tuesday so Mike and I can rest, run errands or just spend time together. It has been such a blessing! Mike and I have been spending a lot of time with the Lord praying and seeking wisdom about parenting and decisions for the future. Having a little time alone is so great for our marriage. When Mike and I are on the same page spiritually we automatically love each other more and are better parents.

I think that’s it for now, hopefully I will write soon! I tried putting some new picture on here, but I am on Mike’s iPad and can’t figure out how! Lol! Will post some new ones soon!