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Trust and Obey Update

A couple weeks ago I posted “Trust and Obey” ( where I wrote about the Lord telling me to trust Him with our finances. It has been a struggle, but I have been choosing to trust Him. Every time I start to worry or get stressed, I remember what God said to me when I was praying about our finances- “If you really believe I am who I say I am, then you need to trust me completely with your finances.”

Since Samuel was born, I have been dreading the hospital bill we were going to get in the mail. I check the mail everyday and cringe each time the door squeaks open. I have been praying that the hospital forgets about us! Knowing that was probably an impossibility, I have been praying that when the bill did come, I would be able to trust the Lord to provide. I had no idea where the money would come from to pay the bill. Because Mike does not get paid in the summer, by September our savings is pretty drained.

Well, yesterday was the day. I was actually excited to check the mail because I knew I had a Woman’s Day magazine coming and there was a cheese ravioli and butternut squash recipe on the cover I can’t wait to try. But as Mike jumped out of the car to grab the mail, that flip flop happened in my tummy. As I looked through the mail in the drive way, I saw an envelope from Medicare. I hate getting stuff from Social Security Disability or Medicare. It is never good news. Just seeing the envelope makes my blood pressure rise! I opened the envelope and started to read. The first thing I saw was Redlands Community Hosotal on the top of the page. I braced myself for the worst. As I continued to read, my heart started to race. You May Be Billed: $0

Medicare covered the amount that our primary insurance did not cover. What?! We owe nothing? I was stunned. Then I remembered what God had laid upon my heart. The tears would not stop. He is so faithful!!! He is so good to me. He never ceases to amaze me.

All of this to encourage you to trust Him. He is trustworthy. He proves His goodness every time we ask.

Psalm 33:4
For the word of the Lord holds true,
and we can trust everything He does.

And It Begins Again…Again

I like to take a look back every once in a while and see what was going on a year in the past. This morning I read my post from the end of August last year. (Here’s the link if you are interested – It is amazing how different life is this year and how eerily the same it is also. This year we have our sweet Samuel. He is such a joy, and yet so much work. He is my constant companion and I can’t imagine my life without him. This year my back is holding up pretty well. Each morning I have to stretch and snap, crackle, pop before I get out of bed, but over all, the pain isn’t as debilitating as it was in the past. (Praising God everyday for that!!!) But this year is also very much like last year. Mike went back to work this week, he started back up at seminary last week and he just told me he is booked solid for two days each week teaching lessons, which is great because we need the money, but also has Mike leaving for work when it’s dark and coming home when it’s dark. I know he misses Samuel like crazy already and his schedule has not even fully engaged yet! We just started ministering at a new church and Mike will be leading worship each Wednesday night and also teaching frequently.

Not only do I like looking back at the circumstances of the past, but how I was doing at the time. I like to compare it to how I’m doing now. Have I grown at all  in the Lord? Do I still have the same struggles?  The Lord has been growing me so much lately. He has been reminding me to trust Him with our finances, my ability as a mommy, my health, Mike’s health and crazy schedule. I feel like this year I am handling everything so much better. And I know it’s only by the grace of God. In my flesh, I am impatient (COME ON bottle warmer!!! Can’t you hear Samuel screaming his head off for nums???), I am lonely (Babe, you are gone until WHEN tonight?!), and sometimes very stressed (The electric bill is HOW MUCH this month?????). But with Christ, even though I struggle with those things often, and I have to continually lay my fears and flesh down at the cross. He sustains me. He washes me clean. He loves me.

It will be interesting trying to get into a routine with Samuel by myself, since Mike has been home with me since our baby boy was born. I will need to learn to keep myself busy, but make sure I reserve enough energy to be a wife to my husband when he comes home late and I’ve been taking care of Samuel and the house all day. I will need to get used to being alone again. I know Samuel will always be there, but he isn’t the most stimulating conversation at this point! LOL!

Last year I was really struggling with this situation, but this year I feel like I am in a good place….resting at the foot of the cross.

And just for fun, here are some new pictures of Samuel!