Jehovah Jireh

Those who know Your name will trust in You, for You, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek You. Psalm 9:10

What a sweet truth. As Mike and I have been taking steps of faith and trusting the Lord to work out all the details, He has truly shown Himself faithful. I still find myself stressed out about money, especially since we have Samuel now. I know he will never go without anything he needs, I would give up everything for him, but sometimes I can’t help but worry. If I am honest with myself, I know we will never go without what we need, but I am uncomfortable with the fact that we go without what we want. Most days I am content with everything the Lord has given us, some days though, I start to look over the fence and it does seem a little greener than on our side. Lord, forgive me for me covetousness. We are so incredibly blessed. When I start to get jealous of what other people have, or that they get to go on vacation or that they can go out to eat all the time, the Lord reminds me that I don’t deserve anything we do have. It is never in a mean or condemning way, but when He reminds me of who I am and of who He is, I can’t help but be humbled and ashamed of my sin. He reminds me of the miracles He has done for me and the ways in which we were given the things we have.

About 4 years ago, our pastor and his wife allowed us to live with them for 6 months when Mike didn’t have a job and we were able to save up to buy a house.

We were miraculously approved for a home loan when Mike wasn’t even working full-time yet.

Samuel. Need I say more?

When my old car started breaking, first the air conditioner, then the heater, and it had over 115,000 miles on it and we needed a reliable car for Samuel, we found out a family friend started working for Kia, and was able to get us a fantastic deal on our new Forte.

Mike is half way done with his master’s degree and we have maybe only had to pay $1,000. The rest was provided by scholarships. This last year, there was no money from our church for the scholarship and our Pastor pulled some strings and was able to give Mike more than he usually received!

In one of my last posts, I mentioned that Medicare paid for the remainder of my medical bill for when Samuel was born.

Last month we had a termite inspection done and they found some termites in our garage. Thankfully the area only needed to be spot treated, but it was still going to cost us $300 we did not have. Mike’s mom got in touch with another bug guy she has known for a long time and he came over yesterday and did another inspection (for free!) and found the same thing, but he is only going to charge us $100 to treat it and told us we can pay whenever we have the money!

And the kicker – Mike’s dad won a huge flat screen TV at his company picnic and gave us their old one! We didn’t even NEED a new TV; oh, we have been WANTing one, but knew we would not buy one until our old one broke.

Thank you Jesus for all of the blessings in my life! I challenge you to make a list. Write down all of the wonderful things God has done for you, all of the miracles He has performed in your life. I guarantee your perspective will change. I know this morning mine has. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Jehovah Jireh

  1. Hi Stacy, God has truly come alongside you and Mike. Reminds me of us in our reduced circumstances, only at the other end of the “life spectrum!” Steve does his best to declare, “God has surrounded us with great people,” and it is so true.

    Even small matters and some of our “wants,” God stoops down to grant His beloved children!!

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