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My! How You’ve Grown!

Our sweet Samuel is 6 months old today! I can’t believe how the time has flown by. I am amazed at how fast he has grown and how he has learned so many new things in the past 6 months. He isn’t the only one who has learned along the way. Mike and I have had to learn how to be parents, too! We have made so many mistakes already, but the grace of God and our love covers lots of them up! 🙂

Here is a picture of Daddy and Samuel right after his birth.

Because my recovery was so rough, Mike pretty much took care of Samuel for the first month. I spent most days on strong pain medication, so there are so many thing that are kind of blurry. Thank God we took so many pictures that first month!

The day after Samuel turned 1 month old, he smiled at me! What a joy!  During this month Samuel also slept through the night for the first time. I remember trying to hurry out of bed in the morning to make sure he was still breathing because he had not been up in the middle of the night. Such a scary feeling! The sleeping through the night did not last long though. Every once in a while he will, but most nights he is up to eat at least once. Also during this month, we could really begin to see his little personality.

By the time Samuel was three months old, I was starting to feel better and felt more comfortable taking care of Samuel. All the post postpartum hormonal freak outs were pretty much gone and I started enjoying being a mommy! Mike was still home from work at this point, but his time off was coming to an end so we tried to cherish every moment together as a family! Samuel rolled from his tummy to his back and he mastered keeping his head up when he was on his tummy.

In September, Mike was back to work and I was spending my days with Samuel alone. It was a very lonely time for me because I was so used to Mike being with me, sharing in every milestone. But, I did get the hang of it by myself and had a blast filling my days with photo shoots of my little man! Plus, each moment Mike was home was even more special!

When Samuel was 4 months old, he found his feet! It was so fun to watch his try to get them in his mouth! We also spent a lot of time outside in the sunshine.  He also started to scoot, scoot, scoot!

When Samuel was 5  months old, he started getting very fussy and did not sleep well for about a week, so we took him to the doctor and she said he may have colic, or maybe he was teething or maybe he was hungry. She suggested we start him on rice cereal. Well, our little man LOVES to eat, and he ate his rice cereal like a champ! Two weeks later we started him on veggies. Again, he loved them! This is also the month when Samuel fell in love with his Jumpy Jumpy. I love to watch him use up all his energy jumping and playing!

This past week was hard on both of us because this was the first time we was sick. He had a terrible cough and a snotty nose and he was very restless and uncomfortable. This week we had extra snuggles and finally he is feeling better. In the last couple of days he has mastered rolling from back to tummy and is up on all fours! He will be crawling in no time! Look out world!!  I have been so blessed these past 6 months. Samuel is the coolest kid ever! I can’t wait to see all the new things he learns and masters in the next six months. Time will fly by I am sure, so I plan on cherishing every moment!!