Root Canals

I woke up early this morning with a terrible toothache. I went to the kitchen for Motrin and then I rummaged through the drawer in our bathroom to find the Orajel. Once the meds kicked in I was able to fall asleep, but I knew I would need to call the dentist in the morning. I was able to get right in and I was nervous about what the dentist would say. We don’t have extra money for dental work. They took x-rays and did an exam and a few tests (you know the ones – tapping the already extremely sensitive and painful tooth, blowing cold air on said tooth) and she determined that since the tooth that was bothering me had already had a root canal that it was infected and needed to be re-treated. Big bummer!

I have bad teeth….not bad looking, mind you. I love my smile, but looking at it, you would never know that I have had 7 root canals and I have 8 crowns. All of my crowns are white, so at first glance, you wouldn’t know so many of my teeth were not real. My x-rays look crazy though!

Thinking about all of this on the way home, I felt the Lord impress something on my heart. My teeth are a lot like my life; if I don’t take are of them, they become rotten (though I must stress, I take really good care of my teeth!! Bad genes I guess!) and they need to be treated. The Lord is constantly pointing out things in my life that do not please Him, and when I let Him, He cleans them and out makes my life look shiny and new. But even after the Lord cleans up certain things, my sin nature gets the best of me, and they get “infected”again. And the Lord is faithful to re-treat those areas that need it.

But it’s up to me to keep those areas clean. I brush my teeth everyday, floss, use mouth rinse, see the dentist regularly so my pearly whites stay, well, pearly white. You’ve all seen a person with terribly yellowed teeth, maybe from smoking or too much tea or coffee and it has reminded us to step up our dental hygiene. Likewise, I was reminded today to keep up my spiritual hygiene. I live in a dirty world and I can’t help but get some of that yuckiness on me throughout the day. The time I spend with the Lord, praying, reading and meditating on His Word, is like a giant toothbrush for the soul. My teeth need a good brushing and so does my life. I am so thankful my  heavenly Dentist isn’t as scary as the one I have to see when my teeth hurt!!!


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