Naked Faced Day 3

When I glanced at the calendar to see how many days I have not worn make up, I was surprised – This is day 3??? Really? That’s it? It feels more like 3 weeks!

The last few days have been hard. Saturday I went to a BBQ pot luck with about 30 people, then Sunday was church and today I went to the dentist. Three days of being out and about, around people, put-together people. Every time I thought about not wearing make up or saw a beautiful woman wearing make up, I felt embarrassed. I was happy that I did not think about it the whole time, just moments of realization that I was naked-faced. It also felt strange that my hair was done, but my face wasn’t.

Sunday when I was getting ready for church I felt the most anxious. Saturday’s pot luck was with friends with whom I am completely comfortable around, but Sunday morning at church, people I didn’t know would see me, judge me. I put on a necklace, then a ring on my right hand, then another necklace….then I felt like I was cheating…was I allowed to try to feel pretty with jewelry?? I left them on and it did helped ease my anxiety a little, though no one but my family noticed the extra jewelry. All I usually wear are my wedding rings and studs in my ears that I always leave in. I felt like I was overcompensating for the no make up, but the jewelry didn’t make me feel any more beautiful when I thought about it so I left everything on.

The upside of the no make up is getting ready for my day is much quicker! I do like that! I also like that I can rub my eyes without worrying about having mascara all over my face.

The downside of the no make up has been not being able to cover the acne on my chin that just seemed to pot up the last couple days, and that my face is swollen from the dental work I had done this morning and I can’t even divert attention to my pretty eyes.

So far I’m not feeling pretty with my naked face, but we will see if that changes as time goes on. Only 37 days to go!


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