Naked Faced Day 7

This week has been quite a blur. I had a root canal done on Monday and I ended up in excruciating pain and an infection that required strong antibiotics and narcotic pain killers. Between taking the Motrin, Vicodin and antibiotics, icing my face an crying, I didn’t think much about my naked face. Today I am feeling a teeny bit better, and I wanted food- real food- not mashed potatoes or top ramen or yogurt or scrambled eggs, so Mike, Samuel and I went to Jose’s. I ate a chili relleno and some rice (still super soft and no chewing really required, but at least it tasted awesome!).

Mike’s uncle and cousins came and met us for dinner. Mike’s cousin’s daughter is the sweetest, chattiest 4 year old I have ever met. We were in the middle of a conversation and she stopped, stared at me and asked, “Where did you get those freckles?”(although I’m pretty sure she was referring to the pimples and acne scars); to which I replied, “Honey, I’ve always had those, but I stopped wearing make up so you can just see them now”. Oh the honesty f children! I felt a little embarrassed, but her sweet mom reminded her that she had freckles too. 🙂

We left Jose’s and had to run to Winco to get a few things, and we ran into an old friend and his new wife, whom I had never met before and guess what?!? I smiled and introduced myself and it didn’t even cross my mind that I was naked-faced! Success!

I am looking forward to this coming week, hopefully off of the Vicodin and feeling more like myself. Well, it’s time for more Motrin so I better sign off!


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