Naked Faced Day 18

Everything about this make up fast is getting easier. Easier to get ready in the morning, easier to actually leave the house, easier to see people I know and easier to see more beautiful made-up people (not like make believe people, but people with make up on, haha!). My skin seems to have this glow that it didn’t have before when I wore foundation and concealer and powder and highlighter…..gosh, I wore a lot of make up!  I like the glow, however I don’t like the blemishes showing. I hope with time, my face will clear up and I won’t need to cover anything up. I still miss mascara something fierce! I think I may just wear mascara when the fast is over; it’s really the only thing I miss.

I am starting to feel more beautiful just being me. I picked a bad time to stop wearing make up since I’m trying to grow out my hair and it’s in the awkward stage when I feel ugly because of it. Talk about adding insult to injury with the no make up thing! I can finally get some of my hair into a pony tail so just that change up has helped me feel a little better.

We shall see what other changes are in store for my self image for the rest of the fast!


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