Naked Faced Day 26

Today is day 26 of my make up fast. It’s really easy now. Who would have thought??? Not me! I am feeling normal now without make up, feeling prettier each day. I’ve stopped over compensating with more jewelry or doing my hair everyday (I didn’t wear jewelry before the fast, except my wedding rings and only did my hair on occasion).

I asked my husband if I looked prettier. He said I looked the same but asked me if I felt prettier… That was it! I was feeling more confident. I am not embarrassed by my naked face any more. Victory!!!

I have been washing my face with a combination of olive oil and brown sugar. It’s been awesome! My face is breaking out considerably less and it’s soft and glowy, not oily at all! I don’t think I’ll go back to wearing any face make up. I don’t like the idea of the chemicals and gunk clogging my pores. I will however wear mascara. Not because I don’t feel pretty without it, but because I feel prettier with it. 🙂 That’s what make up is for.

I am so glad I committed to this make up fast. If you are feeling ugly without make up or you feel like you NEED make up, I say give this 40 day make up fast a go.


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