How To {easily} Make A Photo Collage Wall

I have wanted to change our wall art in our living room for some time. I scoured Pinterest for different collages and such, and since we got Samuel’s 1 year photos done, along with some family photos, I decided to use those and I am so excited about the results! I am not sure where I saw this method of hanging photos (probably Pinterest) but I thought I would give it a try.

What you will need:

Photos, frames, plaques, Large Letters, Plates – pretty much anything you want to hang on your walls (that can be hung with nails).



Wax paper


Level – very important!!!! 🙂

Pencil or pen

So here’s how I did it:

I took some time laying out my photos and my big L and found a configuration I really like. I tried a few different ones and ended up going with the first one. I took pictures of each to show Mike and he agreed the first one was best.

Then I laid them out upside down. This took me a while trying to think backwards. LOL. But I did it! I also left the L the same way, but I caught it right before the next step. It helped to do it in the kitchen with the square tiles. I was able to see my spacing a little better. If you don’t have square tiles, you can still easily do it with a tape measure or just your eyes.

Next, I taped four long strips of wax paper together, making sure it was long and tall enough to cover all of the places I would need nails. Then I taped the wax paper to the frames in a few places so it wouldn’t slide. Make sure the top frame is level with the wax paper so when you hang it on the wall, it will be level.

Then I made an “x” everywhere there needed to be a nail.

After all of the “x”s were made, I untaped the wax paper from the frames and Mike helped me tape the wax paper onto the wall. This was the hardest part since we had to stand on the love seat to get it high enough and I kept making Mike move it and his arms were getting really tired! LOL! But, we eventually got it! 🙂 Make sure you use a level!!!

The next step is to hammer the nails into the wall where you have made the “x”s.

Once I did that, I ripped the wax paper off the walls and hung up my photos! It’s that easy!! As you can see I painted my L teal. I am going to add some more teal to the house. I really like it!


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