Hair Loss

I have a confession to make. If you’ve ever been talking to me for any length of time you probably already know this, but I have very thin hair in the front of my head; I also have bald spots. It all started over 10 years ago when I had my back surgeries and a wrist surgery and then diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My hair was falling out like crazy. I think it’s from a combination of all of the medication I was taking and stress.  I am extremely self conscious about it. I try to style my hair so my scalp is not as visible, but lately it has been really bothering me. Some days go by and I don’t even think about it, but other days it’s always on my mind (literally  – lol!) and I don’t want to leave the house. I have tried Nioxin, a shampoo, conditioner and foam treatment in the past, but it makes my hair very dry. I have also tried many different hair styles and colors to disguise it, but I don’t think anything has really worked. I talked to Mike a couple days ago about trying Rogaine for Women. It’s expensive and one of the side effects can be hair loss (!?) so i’m not sure if that’s the route I want to go. I have done a little research and I think I am going to try apple cider vinegar. You can rub it into your scalp and it’s supposed to help. We will see. Everything I have ready says that organic unpasteurized ACV is the best, so I’m going to run by the health food store and pick some up. I will let you know how this little adventure goes. Until then, please keep me in prayer….it’s really bothersome and I don’t want it to get in the way of all the things I should be focusing on!!!


4 thoughts on “Hair Loss

  1. Stacy

    What a brave, brave post! I would be a liar if I said that I’ve never noticed, but once you get to know you, your inner beauty SHINES fuller and thicker than ANYTHING on the outside.

    On a more practical note, there are amazing and beautiful wigs out there, I would say if you’re going to ‘invest’ in something that could do more harm than good, you may want to consider a beautiful wig.

    That being said, I stand by my first paragraph, you’re BEAUTIFUL!

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