His Work – Specific Prayers

“Even if your husband has a successful career, it’s still good to pray the he is where God wants him to be and that everything will continue to go smoothly. My husband, who is a song writer and record producer, said he felt my prayers have prevented him from working with the wrong clients. He has never worked with anyone who is difficult, weird, evil, or unsuitable, which is nothing less that a miracle in his business. He knew I always prayed that God would lead him to the right people and remove from his path those who would be trouble. While our prayers cannot ensure a trouble-free road for our husbands, they can certainly steer them clear of many problems.” (The Power Of A Praying Wife, Page 52)

My husband is a music teacher, band director, Bible teacher, P.E. teacher, and children’s pastor at the small Christian school he works at. (As well as a private music lesson teacher and worship pastor at our church) He is amazing in all of these rolls, but there are days when he texts me and asks for prayer. Juggling so many hats, he gets burned out quickly and because he works so many hours, he doesn’t sleep much and his immune system gets compromised and he catches everything his students bring to school with them. It’s so hard for me to watch him struggle. Sometimes I wonder if my prayers even make a difference, especially when I get up in the morning, hit my knees and pray that he would have extra patience with his students, that he would speak kindly to them, and that the Lord would give him energy and strength, and at my lunchtime call from him, he tells me that he’s been very impatient with his students, he had to apologize for being harsh with a student and that he is exhausted and doesn’t know how he’s going to make it through the day.

But I have believe that my prayers make a difference. Just knowing that I’m praying for him provides my husband with strength and support. He knows that even when he has a bad day, I’m at home lifting him up to the Lord; I’m in his corner. And when he has an awesome day, we praise the Lord together, knowing that our prayers have been answered and that the Holy Spirit was working in my husband.

A few years ago, my husband was offered a position at a church as a youth pastor. After meeting with the Pastor, we committed the idea to prayer. We prayed separately about the offer and after about a week, we came together and shared what the Lord had told us. I knew after a couple days that the answer was no; so did my husband. If I had not been praying about it, my husband may have doubted the answer he got from the Lord; I know that he appreciated the support and commitment I made to pray about the decision. I know my husband depends on me and my prayer time with the Lord to help lead him in decisions when it comes to work. I take that very seriously. I am so blessed that the Lord chooses to work in my husband’s life through me!

This week, ask your husband what you can be praying for in particular regarding his work; you may learn about struggles he is having that you were not aware of, and you maybe feel confirmation that you have been praying for the right things. I know your husband would appreciate knowing you are praying for his work!


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