His Work – Rest And Enjoyment

“If you husband is a hard worker, make sure he has times of rest and enjoyment – to do things that entertain him  give him a reprieve from the weight of a lifetime of supporting his family. Men need periods of refreshing. If they don’t have them, they are prone to burn out and temptation of all kinds. Your prayers can help your husband understand the true meaning of life doesn’t come from work, it comes from following God. Let’s pray for our husbands to find that perfect balance.” (The Power Of A Praying Wife, Page 52)

Does your husband have times of rest and enjoyment? I know for my husband, those times are few and far between. I happen to be an extrovert. I am energized when I am around people – girls’ night out, fellowship at church, even a trip to Target with my mom and sis. I would never pass up a party! I start to become very discouraged and a little depressed when I am home by myself for long periods at a time (and for me, a long period is about 3 days!). My husband, on the other hand is an introvert. It is crucial for him to be alone. For a long time, I didn’t understand this! When he would come home after a long week, I would have our whole weekend planned out with lots of outings and visiting people; I could see the disappointment on his face. He would say, “I’ve been gone all week, I just want to stay home.” Then I would say, “Well, I’ve been home all week, and I just want to be out!” This became an issue we had to work though. He tries to be understanding and will rarely tell me no when I ask him to attend a party or go out with me; I think this is because I have been more understanding of his feelings before I ask him. I choose the most important things I would like to attend. I will also attend things by myself (with our son) so my husband can have alone time to rest and energize.

My husband does not have many friends. His hobbies are a bit esoteric; he is a musician, he builds wooden clocks, he builds guitar pedals and rolling ball sculptures. He doesn’t like sports (at all!) and isn’t into guy stuff like cars. He prefers to read for long periods of time or make music lesson videos to put on his Youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/user/drumennut?feature=guide – yes, shameless plug! :)) and he doesn’t like being around large groups of people.

Your husband may be the complete opposite and it may take some study to figure out what he needs so he can rest and have fun. Either way, find out what he loves to do and make sure he takes time for himself. He will be happier and healthier for it!

Genesis 2:2 says, “And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.” Now we know that God didn’t need to rest, He’s God! But he rested to be an example to us. The Lord knows us so intimately and knows that if we don’t rest, we will get burned out, and like Stormie said, we will be prone to temptation of all kinds. I know my husband has mentioned he is more tempted (and falls to more temptation) when he is tired. Its the perfect time for Satan to attack him. He is less alert and it’s harder for him to fight temptation when his body and mind are exhausted.

We must pray for our husbands’ work. But we must also pray that we are able to help him find times of rest and enjoyment. Below are two pictures I found that I love. The introvert poster helped me to effectively minster to my husband. I hope one of the posters helps you too!


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