No ‘Poo- Week 2

So this is my second week of my no ‘poo experiment  Last week was weird for sure. My scalp was itchy and I have never gone more than one day between washing my hair before. I “washed” my hair last Wednesday, then Saturday, then today (Tuesday). Close enough to a whole week.

My hair was greeeeeasy! I knew it would be, so I wore it up most of the time and then the last day before washing it, I wore a hat! Today after I washed it my scalp was not as itchy and it feels thicker. I’m not sure if that’s because there is some oil left on it or what. I’m not sure of it looks any different. My hair is super thin in the front, as you can see from the pictures so I usually wear it pinned back, but for all the pictures I’ll be taking I’ll leave it down.

I think the amount of baking soda and water I am using (1 tablespoon to 1 cup) and vinegar and water (again 1 tablespoon to 1 cup) is working out great. I curled my hair in Sunday, the day after I washed it and the curls stayed with no hair spray all day! It was awesome! I felt self conscious at church because it felt greasy, but I don’t think anyone thought that it looks greasy (I’ve been asking my sister everyday how it looks!)

So here are my pictures from the beginning of week 2 of No ‘Poo.




One thought on “No ‘Poo- Week 2

  1. YAY! I wanted to tell you that my step mom has always had very thin,fragile hair. Her hair has been short (just an inch or two) since I can remember (during my highschool years) and the last few years she has tried so hard to grow it out to no avail. She has tried so many things. Every time it began to grow out she had to cut it because it was too fragile. The only thing that has worked is diet and Juice Plus. She started changing her diet and then started taking Juice Plus in September and her hair is about 4 inches now and looks amazing! Every time I see her I can’t stop commenting about her hair! Her nails are growing too. Her nails were always fragile and broken and now are strong! I’ll have to show you pictures some time.

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