No ‘Poo – Week 4

This week was extremely difficult for me. My scalp started itching like CRAZY and I started seeing dandruff (which I have never had in my life!). I reduced the amount of baking soda I was using and that made my hair very oily. The next time I cleansed I used more vinegar to help with the dryness of my scalp; this too made my hair super oily. After about 5 days of intense itching and flakes all over the place, I broke down and shampooed my hair. It felt so good to have the lather back! And my hair smelled amazing. I am now back to washing my hair with shampoo every day or every other day. And I’m ok with that. I am glad I tried the no ‘poo thing and it may be something that I try again in the future, but the baking soda dried out my scalp too much and I can’t do that again! TOO itchy!! Eek! Anyway, here are the last photos on my no ‘poo journey.


As you can see, it also made my hairline break out. 😦


I hope that my experience will be helpful to you when you are deciding whether to go no ‘poo or not. Some people swear by it and other just can’t make it work. For now, I’ll take the lather and yummy-smelling hair – even if I have to wash it everyday.


One thought on “No ‘Poo – Week 4

  1. It didn’t look so greesy I think:) if you are trying no poo some other time, You should try 1 ts of honey mixed in a cup of hot water and apply in your hair and scalp:) it takes away the itchiness and takes away bakteria and dandruff:)

    I am on my 3 week of no poo with Honey, and its soo oily.. I have washed it 3 times, but I’m gonna try to get away the oliveoil ( yes, i took oliveoil in my split ends and it is terrible, haha) sooo i’m gonna use thr natron/bakingsoda and vinegard tomorrow to see if it helps:)
    Cool blog btw, and have a good day!:)

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